Moves Viz

Visualizations of location history using Moves, Node.js, and D3
Inter-city movements plotted by Moves Viz on an LCC projection using a Solarized-based color theme (download image)

Moves Viz is a command-line utility I wrote to visualize location history collected using the Moves mobile app. Having collected several years of history with Moves, I was interested in a view beyond the daily timeline provided in-app.

The first perspective renders a map a multi-city trip, or even years of travel history. Each mode of transportation is uniquely colored—from cars, buses, and trains, to boats and airplanes. Map projection, date-range of activity, and color theme are entirely customizable.

For intracity activity, the cities mode renders a small multiples grid of local movements similar to Nicholas Felton’s GPX Map Mosaic. Locales are detected automatically using the DBSCAN clustering algorithm over the end points of activity segments. As with the intercity visualization, distinct colors are applied to each mode of transportation, including walking. Activity is plotted absent a base map of roads and landmarks, making each tile a uniquely personal perspective of a given city.

An activity grid from ten locations in my Moves history. Chicago appears twice here, as an artifact of the clustering algorithm: once for the city-proper and again for ORD, located approximately 25 km away from the Loop. (download image)

Source code: GitHub