Moves On Deck

Interactive location history using React and
Moves on Deck rending location history in Safari (download image)

With several years of personal location history collected by the Moves mobile app, I’ve been

Moves on Deck is a web application for exploring location history, as . Years of location history can be loaded and explored with fluid pan, tilt, and zoom navigation. This app follows Moves Viz, a program I recently wrote to generate static location visualizations.

In Moves on Deck, each transit is rendered as a bright, semi-transparent path across a darkened map. Color is based on the mode of transportation. As a route is frequently travelled, it become more opaque, strengthening in visual intensity. Flights are presented as 3D arcs between airports rather than as surface paths.

The application is built with React, Mapbox GL, and, a web visualization framework for large datasets created at Uber. All processing and rendering is performed entirely in browser—nothing is uploaded or handled server-side—since most people view their location history with at least some degree of sensitivity.

Website: Moves on Deck
Source code: GitHub